Decorating Baseball Team Shirts That Were Purchased From A Sport Shirt Outlet


If a business owner would like their employees to compete against others in baseball tournaments this summer, they can have their workers decorate team shirts to wear. The following steps describe how to add some basic designs, letters and numbers to garments to provide team members with a uniform appearance.


  • cotton or polyester t-shirts
  • table
  • plastic sheeting
  • ruler
  • rolls of fabric tape
  • scissors
  • stencils
  • double-sided tape
  • fabric paint pens

Adding Fabric Tape To Shirts

Cotton or polyester t-shirts can be purchased online from a clothing supplier. Garments can be ordered in bulk and come in several sizes and colors. Shirts should be laid across a table that is covered with pieces of plastic sheeting. Sheeting will protect a surface from spills during the shirt decorating process. If a number is going to be added to the front or back of each shirt, strips of fabric tape can be cut with sharp scissors. Before forming numbers with tape, a ruler should be used to assist with lining up tape in an even manner. Fabric taped should be pressed firmly against fabric.

Tracing Stencils And Creating Designs With Paint Pens

An individual’s name, team name or picture can be added to shirts with fabric paint pens. If an individual is not artistically inclined, they can use double-sided tape to secure stencils to one side of a shirt. Fabric paint pens need to be shook for a minute or two to mix the paint that is inside of each one. Paint will be released from a pen by lightly pressing a pen’s tip against fabric. Each color of paint should dry before a new color is added to a garment. If both sides of a shirt are going to be decorated, placing a couple fingertips against the side of a garment that has already been painted will ensure that fabric paint has dried thoroughly.

If several colors of paint are used to decorate each shirt, team members will stand out while they are playing ball and people in the audience will be able to locate specific players with ease. A sport shirt outlet carries a full line of clothing products that can be worn in a formal or casual setting. A clothing supplier can also assist with decorating garments with embroidery or screen printing.

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