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Tips for Car Hire Savings

Here is a guide that will help you save on car rentals; if you follow this guide you will surely end up with a lot of savings from car rentals. These rentals need not eat up a lot of your vacation money.

If you are having a holiday trip and are staying in a resort, you really don’t need a car once you arrive at the resort. It is best not to rest a car upon your arrival to get to the resort, but get other means of transportation to the resort.

You don’t need to rent a car for your entire vacation, if you only need to go out of town for a day; better rent a car only for the day you will be going out. If you have to rent a car, rent it from your hotel only for the day you are going out and don’t make a mistake of renting a car at the airport for your entire vacation.
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If you rent a car in town, it is much cheaper than renting a car from the airport. The additional fees of renting from the airport can be avoided when you rent it in town. You can check hotels in the area for car rental for the day. So at the end of your stay, return your car renting at the airport so you avoid fees for going back from the airport.
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You can pick up a car from a hotel in city if you are planning to take a day trip. If you are done using the car, return it after hours so you don’t get charged second day rental; just make sure you return it before the rental opens the next business day. Returning your car after hours will help you save on overnight parking fees. If you need you receipt, you just drop by the car rental in the morning or let them have it emailed to you.

Most rental companies give out coupons and discounts for rental and you can search for this online for the car company that you plan to use. So when you have found a coupon code, you should enter this code on the appropriate box when you are renting a car online. When you have the code, apply it to your car rental. Car rental coupons can save you a lot of money.

Most car rentals have a Saturday night stay over discount. There are more coupons given when there is a Saturday night stay over. So it is much better to rent a car from Saturday through Friday, than to rent it through Sunday through Saturday.

There are car rental companies that upgrade you to a larger vehicle when you rent a small compact or economy vehicle. Since most companies have an overflow of large vehicles, they usually upgrade those who rent smaller vehicles with no extra cost. Check the company to find out if they give free upgrades.

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